Oct 11

Japanese x and + finished!

I was able to get the Japanese x and + top quilted!

I basted it on the dining room table by using large binder clamps.  I quilted it by following along the X shaped pieces, quilting in the ditch.  I thought I’d see how it looked once I got that much done and see if it looked like it needed more?

Since the blocks are around 7.5″, just quilting across the quilt in a grid seemed to be enough?


I chose a black and white print for the binding.

You can see a bit of the backing peeking out too.  I used an aqua/white print sheet.  The aqua doesn’t match exact..but it’s a scrappy fun quilt and I think it’s just fine?

I’m happy with how my quilt turned out, even if it’s got just real simple quilting. 


Here’s an “action shot”

Sep 11

I’ve done a bit of sewing…

Several months ago, Jan of Be*Mused blog posted photos from her trip to the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  She generously posts her photos to Flickr and many of us eagerly await their posting.  Japanese quilts just have something very special about them. 

There was one by Setsuko Inagawa that was really interesting.  Several of us wanted to try our hand at making some of the fun blocks.

Amy, of Badskirt blog drafted the block pattern.  She wrote up a nice tutorial on how to piece it.

Then Laura, of My New Blog Journey decided to post a quilt along for those interested in doing their own version of Setsuko’s quilt.  She started a Flickr group so we could post our blocks and progress.

My quilt ended up quite different from the one that inspired it.  It was fun to piece a block here and there as I felt like it though.  I used a variety of novelty prints and large scaled prints. I intended to just make a small quilt, but the blocks were addictive and I just had to keep making them.  I opted for plain borders.

I liked the aqua print which I had bought a quarter yard of to use in my blocks.  I decided it would make a nice border and would keep that sort of “busy” look I was after.  When I went back to the store all they had left was 31″.  I took what they had.  I considered making narrow borders, but originally wanted wide ones.  I opted for using my second choice for border fabric and made two sides from each fabric in the width I originally wanted.

I’ll bind the quilt with one of the black prints I used in the quilt. 

That is…once I figure out how to baste the quilt.   I had tables in the basement for basting, but my son moved back home so I had to put them in storage. 

Maybe I can do it on the dining room table?  I thought I’d machine quilt it too?  It’s a “just for fun” quilt.

The blocks are fun to make and would be great for using up scraps.  The block would look great in 30′s repros, or solids, or whatever?  I included clickable links for anyone that would like to try them.

With borders my quilt wil be about 75″x 83″.

Sep 11

Roseville Album update

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing going on here lately, but I did manage to get the various sections of the Roseville Album quilt sewn together.

I rearranged the corner blocks from the way the original pattern was done. 

I still need to make the four borders.

I need motivation to get moving on this!




I left off some of the circles from the bottom right corner.







I changed the bottom left corner block a bit too.  In Kim’s original quilt this is the upper right corner.

I thought getting everything trimmed and sewn together would give me a little enthusiasm?  It seems my “get up and go” has “got up and left”?  :(

Aug 11

Wonky Table Runner

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing or quilting going on around here, but I did try my hand at some wonky piecing.

I cut curved strips of fabrics with my scissors and chopped and sewed and chopped and sewed to create a runner for the kitchen counter.   Doing this kind of piecing went against my years of trying to perfect precision piecing and it was much harder for me than I thought it would be.

My eye kept editing out curves and tried to make me sew straight lines!  LOL  I’m not thrilled with the result, but it will do.  I’ll play with this free style piecing again in the future for sure because it was fun.

I got a new stand mixer to try my hand at making bread and  some other baking recipes.  I’ve never had a mixer before, but those who have them tell me I’ll love it.  The color I ordered was called Pear.  I thought I’d like to make covers for the toaster and food processor and have a runner under the mixer.  Sort of give the kitchen a little boost of color.  It’s mostly all cream colored with lots of copper pans/accesories.  When I went out shopping for fabrics I found nothing that matched other than a solid that was pretty close in color and called Bamboo.  It was on clearance for $1 yard.  I bought what they had, which was about 5 yards.

I came home and dug around in my fabrics and pulled out some solids of colors that are in the kitchen and adjoining family room. I had no plan in mind.  I thought I was going to find a nice print and keep it very low-key and easy. So much for plans!

Here’s an “action shot”.  I didn’t quilt the runner because I’m not sure if I want to?

Definately needs some “tweeking”!  : )


Aug 11

The Learning Process…

I’m a self taught quilter.  Many years ago, as a young newly wed who was trying to decorate on a budget, I kept seeing quilts in magazines and loved how homey and comfortable they made a room look.   I wanted one..or maybe two?  When I finally ran across a couple for sale I was floored at the prices.  I realized if I was going to have a quilt I’d have to make it myself.

I didn’t know anyone that quilted, there were no quilt shops, but there was a library!  It had a couple of books, which I brought home and started reading.  This was waaay before the internet.  It was over 30 years ago!  The knowledge I got from those books and the pics in the magazines was sketchy.  There were a lot of blanks.  I saw what I now know as Trapunto.  I loved the look and wanted to try it.  This wasn’t my first quilt, but it was early in my quilting.

I decided on a wall quilt, which I thought could be draped on a dining table as a decorating option if not hung?

I thought if I quilted a nice feathered vine border and then densely quilted the background area I’d get that look.

Umm..well, sort of?  I didn’t realize I was supposed to stuff the feather and vine bits!  LOL




I quilted it ridiculously close. I quilted the bejeebers out of it.  The rest of the quilt isn’t quilted as heavily, so it’s kind of a fail?  It isn’t perfectly square.  I could add more quilting, but it’s kind of pointless to spend more time on it

I was disappointed with the  outcome and folded it up and put it in a cupboard.

I thought maybe I’ll try that again later sometime?


I pulled it out recently and was surprised to see that one of the blue fabrics I used had a fugitive dye.  It’s fading, even though it’s never been exposed to light.

The cream colored fabric is just muslin.  It’s what I could find back then in the years when Polyester was king.  The blues were just what was available in my local fabric store.  Not heirloom quilt quality, so no matter that the quilt didn’t turn out the way I wanted.  It was a learning experience, as I like to say when things don’t go as planned….


Skip forward to a couple of years ago.  By this time I’ve read more books, seen more quilts, and magazines, and the wonderful internet is here! I have a better idea of how to do Trapunto.  I gave it another go…

This time I chose to do a whole cloth quilt.  It has a wreath of Oak leaves in the center, with branches of Oak leaves with acorns coming out from it, in a spoke-like fashion.   Very hard to photograph. 

Like the other quilt, this was folded and smushed into a cupboard so it has creases, and was pinned over another quilt for taking pics.  It’s not pretty.



It’s so difficult to get a good pic on this one.

I did better this time.  I stuffed the raised pieces with yarn that I thread through after quilting.

I’d like to tell you I’m very happy with my result this time…but I don’t want to lie to you.

Seriously, why did I use brown?  The finished piece has the appearance of a very fancy moving pad.  You know, the ones that are used to protect your belongings when packed on a moving truck?

I don’t know what I was thinking?

Oh well…it was a learning experience…..  ;