Rising Star Quilt

In May of this year I posted quilt blocks that I bought online.  They were very soiled and poorly constructed.  When I took them apart I found that the quilter who pieced them hadn’t cut and sewn the pices accurately.  I decided to make some paper pieces and baste them in the English Paper Piecing style, so I’d get uniform pieces/blocks.

I had to edit out quite a bit, but I was able to save enough to keep the original “flavor” of the blocks.  I hand stitched the blocks together and added a narrow indigo blue border followed by a double pink, and then an indigo binding.  It ended up 34.5″ x41″.

As I worked on the quilt I found optical illusions that changed depending how I looked at it.

I saw light backgrounds with pink and blue stars…

dark backgrounds with pink and white stars…

and pink backgrounds with blue and white stars.  I also saw what looked like Tumbling Blocks that would appear and disappear.  It’s a fun design!  I quilted it by “stitching in the ditch” rather than 1/4″ away from seam lines like originally thought I would.  I was afraid I’d get a “tent” in the centers.  The border has a simple cable design.

I had a few more pieces left that I didn’t want to waste, so I’m piecing some Tumbling Blocks and will either applique them onto a background or make another small piece? 

This was a fun little change…and has one of my all time favorite color combos.  I love double pink!  : )




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  1. Ann, how completely neat! Thanks for taking the time to put this post together and point out all the visuals. So EXTREMELY cool. What a cute, sweet, happy quilt. *karendianne.

  2. What a neat surprise! I had no idea you were even working on this, Ann, and it’s turned out just beautiful. I love the colors and the way you set the stars (I tend to see stars on a pink background). What a great save of those old blocks — isn’t it a good feeling? I especially love that you created a beautiful quilt and also kept the original look of the blocks. Double pink rocks!

  3. This turned out so beautiful, Ann, what a treasure! I saw the tumbling blocks effect too, what a fun quilt to offer so much interest as you look at it. I remember when you first posted about your antique blocks, it’s so nice to see them come to life and end up looking so perfect. I love these colors, too!

  4. Well, I just love what you’ve done with this! Very pretty!

  5. Ann
    It turned out great!! I love the colors and the optical illusions it produces….I really see the blocks when I look at it

  6. Very good looking…. and I can appreciate the work that went into this project. Well done!…..

  7. What a pretty quilt – a very successful rescue job! I like the fabrics too and the optical illusions make it even more interesting. Your quilted cable turned out beautifully as well. I haven’t tried a cable yet – are they hard to mark?

  8. Hi Anne lovely to hear from you. I see you have been busy as well. I hope that means you are on the mend. The quilt looks lovely.

  9. Way too cute! I love how tumbling blocks changes as you look at it. Nice job. Glad you are feeling up to a few posts!

  10. You are a hero for doing all that to save the blocks. It’s a fabulous design, I love anything that gives different perspectives. I was sorry to hear that you had been unwell, I’m so glad you got a diagnosis at last.

  11. just beautiful, love this quilt!
    thanks for sharing.

  12. What a wonderful project!! I love any design that gives a second design element. Amazing what your eye will focus on and then it’s hard to get them to see the other design :0)


  13. I love this color combo too.
    This turned out great, Ann, really great.
    I love how you highlighted the different patterns.
    Since I’m working on a tumbler, that is what I saw first.
    Hope you are doing well!

  14. It’s absolutely beautiful! Well done!

  15. OMG, Ann. I am so sorry you were so ill and misdiagnosed on top of that. How frustrating! But I am so glad to hear you are on the road to recovery. (((Hugs)))

    I love what you’ve done with this little quilt. Awesome work! There is no one like you, Ann, you truly are an amazing quilter.

    I don’t always leave a comment, but I do read your blog very often and I’ve been so concerned with you not posting for so long. I worried it was your health. Take care of yourself, my friend.


  16. Beautiful save!!!! :o ) I have boxes of double pinks . Just LOVE them!!! I need to get my rear in gear and just start using them! I’m not afraid to cut into a Kaffe…but…GULP…serious fabric for heirloom quilts are another story for me. So good to see you back and posting!

  17. You turned those blocks in the rough into something to be treasured forever! The optical illusions add so much interest to this beautiful pattern. The colors look very harmonious together. Great job, Ann!!

  18. So nice to have you back!! Hope that your “productivity” (love what you’ve done with these old blocks) is an indication that you are feeling better.

  19. I love double pinks too. I saw your winning quilt on Glorious Applique. Wow it is stunning and you certainly deserve a win. For some reason I can’t seem to post to that blog but I wanted to let you know how lovely your work is and how inspiring.

  20. Wow! You get some great bargains in your neck of the woods. I love that one stripe piece. I hope you’re feeling much better these days, and enjoying the summer.

  21. What a lucky find! Just love orange peel quilts, and I can’t imagine trying to piece one. So happy this quilt went to you!

  22. What a fabulous bargain, I would have so loved that quilt too but I’m sure you’ll give it a good home. It’s a favourite pattern of mine, thank you for sharing it.

  23. Gasp! Only $50! You’re Queen of the Savers for sure! What a wonderful quilt. Pieced is incredible. She must have been quite precise in her work to get all those to lie flat. So beautiful. Sigh. Happy happy. Going to Glorious Applique to see your quilt. :)

  24. I just love these quilts and I tried making one last year with a quilt along but the technique was too labor intensive so I gave up. I should go back and see if I can find a better method.

  25. Oops – that comment refers to the Joseph’s Coat quilt -