Wonky Table Runner

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing or quilting going on around here, but I did try my hand at some wonky piecing.

I cut curved strips of fabrics with my scissors and chopped and sewed and chopped and sewed to create a runner for the kitchen counter.   Doing this kind of piecing went against my years of trying to perfect precision piecing and it was much harder for me than I thought it would be.

My eye kept editing out curves and tried to make me sew straight lines!  LOL  I’m not thrilled with the result, but it will do.  I’ll play with this free style piecing again in the future for sure because it was fun.

I got a new stand mixer to try my hand at making bread and  some other baking recipes.  I’ve never had a mixer before, but those who have them tell me I’ll love it.  The color I ordered was called Pear.  I thought I’d like to make covers for the toaster and food processor and have a runner under the mixer.  Sort of give the kitchen a little boost of color.  It’s mostly all cream colored with lots of copper pans/accesories.  When I went out shopping for fabrics I found nothing that matched other than a solid that was pretty close in color and called Bamboo.  It was on clearance for $1 yard.  I bought what they had, which was about 5 yards.

I came home and dug around in my fabrics and pulled out some solids of colors that are in the kitchen and adjoining family room. I had no plan in mind.  I thought I was going to find a nice print and keep it very low-key and easy. So much for plans!

Here’s an “action shot”.  I didn’t quilt the runner because I’m not sure if I want to?

Definately needs some “tweeking”!  : )


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  1. I LOVE your new runner! You really have an eye for pleasing color combinations. Your wavy lines go well with your new blender.

  2. I think free piecing is your thing! The colors and design are just great.
    You’ll love your mixer. Kitchen Aid mixers are real workhorses.

  3. Wasn’t it fun, though. No precision and just sewing freely. It looks very pretty and I hope you really enjoy your new mixer!

  4. I love how it turned out. I have yet to master the art of curved piecing like this, but I’m going to have someone show me on Labor Day weekend. I’m going for a sew day and one of the quilters has done some beautiful work in this manner. I think your’s is fabulous, love the color combos.

  5. I love the color of your new mixer (mine is plain old white) the runner looks great with the mixer color!

    great job on the wonky piecing….I don’t think I could do it. I know I would be measuring and trying to make it into a math formula. Yours looks very spontanious and yet so well ballanced. Very nice

  6. I think your runner looks great Ann, esp sitting under that gorgeous pear mixer!!! xo

  7. I had to think did I get the right blog? You are right it is out of your element but have to say you are a natural. You have made your own GBends mini. I love it Ann! I don`t think there is any tweaking required. It is perfectly done. Bravo

  8. I think your runner looks wonderful. It’s very graphic in design and really has a lot of appeal. I don’t normally like this type of design but the curves really made this one!!


  9. Ann, I love the fact the fact that you tried this wonky curve piecing! It looks fabulous! Your stand mixer looks beautiful sitting on top of it!
    I am honestly happily surprised ( thought, I was on a different Ann Champion blog) you trying this wonky piecing. I was once an avid appliquer and now love free piecing.
    Absolutely beautiful!

  10. your wavy piecing is really great. I love the pure colors and they looks great together, like the fruit.
    I’ve never really tried this (on purpose), but I love the look.
    Your mixer is the best color = very cool. Mine is white – very boring – but in operation for 25 years.

  11. Ann it is wonderful! See you can do it!!!
    I love the color of your mixer, mine is plain old white!

  12. I really like this look, Ann, and love the colors, but I can imagine how hard it was to do the wonky seams, I think I’d have the same trouble! BTW, I wouldn’t be without my stand mixer! Bought it many years ago to make Christmas cookie baking easier, and it’s a dream! After considering an almond color, I decided to ‘live a little’ and bought the cobalt blue instead and so glad I did :)

  13. The runner is wonderful, but, gawd, I wish I had a lime green Kitchen Aid mixer!

  14. just fun! hmmm maybe quilted with pearle cotton go all out different!

  15. Your table runner is very cute! It doesn’t show at all that free piecing is out of your comfort zone. This is great!

  16. Oh, how beautiful the blocks are. An ambitious project for sure.