Roseville Album update

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing going on here lately, but I did manage to get the various sections of the Roseville Album quilt sewn together.

I rearranged the corner blocks from the way the original pattern was done. 

I still need to make the four borders.

I need motivation to get moving on this!




I left off some of the circles from the bottom right corner.







I changed the bottom left corner block a bit too.  In Kim’s original quilt this is the upper right corner.

I thought getting everything trimmed and sewn together would give me a little enthusiasm?  It seems my “get up and go” has “got up and left”?  :(

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  1. Oh my! This is amazing. You know, I was just thinking about you this morning. Gosh Ann, I really really love this. Such great use of fabrics. It’s such a work of art. I guess that’s one thing about Kim’s patterns – they are a gift in that they allow the quiltmaker to play and create their own, unique quilt.

    Since you’re “get up and go” has “got up and left” and it seems you need a break, how about whipping up something new? I know you can do it! hee!!! Silly me.

  2. Your blocks are so lovely–the prettiest color palette! I could look at them all day! Maybe you are just taking a breather to refresh yourself for the final push? Sometimes I just have to take a break and work with some different colors to be able to “see” what I’m working with. I hope you can find your get up and go–this definitely deserves to be a finished quilt! (I only wish my Roseville was as far along as yours–mine is stopped as I deal with my emotional distress from having clipped a hole in one of my blocks–dreadful)

  3. I love it!!
    It is a real work of art….your applique work is an inspiration

  4. Donna – put a circle over the hole.

    Ann, your quilt is going great and if a break is needed take it.

    My quilt is dead in the water.

    but fall is coming and COOLER weather…

    let’s go quilt

  5. The blocks are beautiful. It has been fun watching you create them over the past many months. Sometimes we just need a break from a project we have spent so much time on. You will find the inspiration to get started again, just give yourself time. Looking forward to those borders.

  6. It’s SOOO beautiful!!!

    Sorry to hear that your motivation has left. I hate it when that happens. Take it easy for awhile and it will return.

  7. What a beautiful quilt and grand accomplishment! I hope your energy returns very soon.

  8. Oh Ann!
    It’s masterpiece. I love the changes you made and that you made it your own!
    I can’t believe this still has borders, what a applique Mt Everest this is!

  9. Ann,
    your quilt looks absolutely stunning! a change of project may be? Sometimes just walking away a little bit from the current project does the trick for me..
    Hope you feel it again soon!

  10. Oh Ann seeing this up and all together how can you not find that mojo!! you who finishes all quilts in record time…Honestly I am amazed on how much you have done already and your fantastic fabrics that you used. I finally broke down and bought this and 2 other patterns from kim Mclean. I could not resist you ladies are great inspireses I hope you get your mojo soon..maybe with the weather change it will help

  11. Ann your quilt top is AMAZING! Such gorgeous, happy color. I hope your “get up and go” gets back soon. I can’t imagine borders yet for this quilt – I look forward to seeing them!

  12. What a gorgeous quilt! Just love it, and when the time is right, I’m sure you’ll finish it. Might be time to start a new project? That always seems to work for me!

  13. Ann, I adore your quilt top! Wow, what a work of art. The colours you have chosen look fabulous together. I have still only done four blocks! Incredible work. xo

  14. It is spectacular!! Thanks for showing it. It certainly sparks creative juices in this quilter:) You will get the urge soon enough, I am sure!

  15. It is absolutely stunning! I love the close-ups – your applique is impeccable. Hope you get back to it soon – it deserves to be finished and shown off.

  16. just beautiful….I am inspired to get back to mine…

  17. Sensational Ann, what a gorgeous quilt. I’m speechless but I could look at it for a long time.

  18. Oh Anne, this is an astounding amount of work accomplished! And there are more borders to do? Maybe you just need a little break from it for awhile to get your steam back up. The more you look at it sitting, the more you’ll want to get back to it and finish this masterwork.

  19. My goodness, what a beautiful quilt!! And such a huge project!!! You have done so much work on it, I can understand why you need a break before doing the borders. I’m sure your ‘mojo’ will return at some point so you can finish it. You have done such a wonderful job.

  20. Oh my! This really is the most delightful quilt. Of course, it’s hard to improve on the combination of a Kim design and an Ann execution. I love how you made it your own with little changes to suit yourself, and the results are gorgeous.

    I never like to force myself to work on a quilt (unless there’s a deadline) — I’d rather just pick up something else for a little while. But then maybe that’s why I struggle to finish anything :)

  21. OH but it looks so good! and you’ve come so far! your mojo will come back… ;-) beautifuL!

  22. You are a lot further than I am! Maybe once it gets a little cooler?

  23. Ann, this is absolutely breathtaking! Each and very detail is so well thought out and executed!

  24. Loud applause! Congratulations for getting the blocks all together after all of that wonderful stitching time you so enjoyed with these fabulous designs. I hope you get inspired again looking at all your beautiful work.

  25. This is such an amazing quilt, Ann! Congrats on getting this far! I hope you will soon be inspired to get going on those borders….I know how that can happen. You have to be in the mood for the project you’re working on. Maybe taking a little break to work on something else will regenerate your interest in this one?

  26. Honey, I think your get up and go needed a vacation! You get more done than 10 people, so a little down time might be just what you need. :o ) You’ll be right as rain very soon. Your fingers will get itchy!!!!!!

  27. The quilt is so gorgeous Ann! Sometimes I slow way down at the end of a quilt- I love the process and sometimes hate to see the quilt come to an end.

  28. Good Morning Ann,
    I was doing some hunting for chrome orange fabric and the old google search pulled up an OLD Brackman post where she referenced and link to you !! So hoping things are going ok for you. We had rain last night for the first time in months. This probably means we will have mosquitoes in 32.7 hours. Back to my hunting…..

  29. Oh Ann I just love this quilt! it is so fun and happy.
    thanks for sharing.

  30. It is and astounding achievement and so, so beautiful. Congratulations.

  31. As I finally head into surgery Tuesday, I have been thinking of you. I took a stroll back a year and a half at your blog. I was hoping to find your email. So many of the quilts you have done and are working on I have started but have not the results you produce. Then to, your pulling quilts out of the cuboard is such a fun way to do a blog. May we touch base again via the treads that bind us.

  32. Anne, so sorry to hear how bad this is for you.. I hope they find an answer for you… do you remember Schnookie on QLT… she has the same thing you do and also can’t have anything with soy or gluten. If you would like to get in contact with her to see what she is doing email me and I will get you her email address… take care and good luck at Rochester…

  33. Just read about your problems with you health. I’m so sorry to hear that and do hope that you get some answers and feel better very soon!! This quilt is simply spectacular!!! The colors are magnificent. Best wishes for good health soon.