I’ve done a bit of sewing…

Several months ago, Jan of Be*Mused blog posted photos from her trip to the Tokyo Quilt Festival.  She generously posts her photos to Flickr and many of us eagerly await their posting.  Japanese quilts just have something very special about them. 

There was one by Setsuko Inagawa that was really interesting.  Several of us wanted to try our hand at making some of the fun blocks.

Amy, of Badskirt blog drafted the block pattern.  She wrote up a nice tutorial on how to piece it.

Then Laura, of My New Blog Journey decided to post a quilt along for those interested in doing their own version of Setsuko’s quilt.  She started a Flickr group so we could post our blocks and progress.

My quilt ended up quite different from the one that inspired it.  It was fun to piece a block here and there as I felt like it though.  I used a variety of novelty prints and large scaled prints. I intended to just make a small quilt, but the blocks were addictive and I just had to keep making them.  I opted for plain borders.

I liked the aqua print which I had bought a quarter yard of to use in my blocks.  I decided it would make a nice border and would keep that sort of “busy” look I was after.  When I went back to the store all they had left was 31″.  I took what they had.  I considered making narrow borders, but originally wanted wide ones.  I opted for using my second choice for border fabric and made two sides from each fabric in the width I originally wanted.

I’ll bind the quilt with one of the black prints I used in the quilt. 

That is…once I figure out how to baste the quilt.   I had tables in the basement for basting, but my son moved back home so I had to put them in storage. 

Maybe I can do it on the dining room table?  I thought I’d machine quilt it too?  It’s a “just for fun” quilt.

The blocks are fun to make and would be great for using up scraps.  The block would look great in 30′s repros, or solids, or whatever?  I included clickable links for anyone that would like to try them.

With borders my quilt wil be about 75″x 83″.

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  1. I love it – this quilt is both fun and pretty!! I like what you did with the borders – they suit it somehow. Good luck with the basting. I wish my quilts would magically baste themselves – it is by far my very least favorite part of quilting.

  2. Wow, this quilt is really great! Love the conversation prints – they make it really fun and interesting – especially like the “blah, blah, blah” fabric. Your two different wide borders are really a perfect solution and they add a lot of depth to your quilt!

  3. Wow, the colours you have used here Ann are delightful. I love the two colour border and the touches of black make all that lovely colour pop. What a beautiful quilt. xo

  4. A very happy quilt! I love your fabric choices–all those colors with some black–and your borders. It was fun to hear the story too. Bravo!

  5. opps posted on the wrong post!
    I love this quilt its just so happy and fun!
    adding a hint of black to quilts is something I am working on now too after seeing so much black in the antique quilts exhibited at the AFAM this past spring.

  6. Wow, you kinda sneaked that one on me. It’s a fabulous quilt, I really love the happy vibes this one gives out. I loved the black highlights too.

  7. Great Fabrics on this one!…..A very fun quilt….I love the block pattern…it is very much like the Nancy Cabbot spool block….(Brackman #1970) but different piecing. Anyway the overall effect is great!…
    I understand your basting problem…I use the livingroom floor….not great for the back….and Teddy the wonder dog always wants to “help”. Oh well I just pin baste and constanty re adjust as I quilt.

  8. how fun! I love your fabric choices, especially the words and cross words.
    Looks like it was great to pick fabrics for this one.
    I cover my dining table with old and current rotary mats and baste there. Not so hard on the back or knees.

  9. Ann, I watched you piecing these blocks, and your quilt top is wonderful! I love the way you decided to edit your black in this, it was a perfect arrangement! Makes me want to make one just like it! I never say that, I like using my own colors :)

  10. Your quilt is super cute, Ann! Your fabrics and colors are so much fun! I love scrappy quilts like these where each time you look at it, a new detail is discovered.

  11. The colors are so soothing, the borders turned out great!

  12. What a fabulous finish! It looks like such a happy quilt. I think the binding is such a great choice.

  13. Beautiful! I love the binding, just the right quirk.

  14. Your quilt turned out really nice.. love all the colors in it… I think keeping your quilting simple was a good idea…

  15. Hi Anne,
    Hope things are well in your world. We have had winter arrive up here in the Pac NW. What are you working on these days?