Japanese x and + finished!

I was able to get the Japanese x and + top quilted!

I basted it on the dining room table by using large binder clamps.  I quilted it by following along the X shaped pieces, quilting in the ditch.  I thought I’d see how it looked once I got that much done and see if it looked like it needed more?

Since the blocks are around 7.5″, just quilting across the quilt in a grid seemed to be enough?


I chose a black and white print for the binding.

You can see a bit of the backing peeking out too.  I used an aqua/white print sheet.  The aqua doesn’t match exact..but it’s a scrappy fun quilt and I think it’s just fine?

I’m happy with how my quilt turned out, even if it’s got just real simple quilting. 


Here’s an “action shot”

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  1. Wow! That was really fast, Ann, and it looks wonderful. I love that pattern, and the cheery color combinations (you’re always so good at picking fabrics). It really looks like a fun quilt to make.

  2. Your quilt looks fabulous on the bed, your “live” shot. It’s nice to see them that way on occasion.

  3. Your quilting looks great Ann, sometimes simpler quilting is all it needs. This is a favourite for me, those colours are just beautiful and the black binding is perfect. xo

  4. Your quilt looks great! I love the black and white binding, it’s very fun and snappy.
    I also love the 2 different borders. – just a great quilt.
    The action shot is wonderful

  5. Very pretty and cheerful. I love the black and white binding.

  6. I love it!
    the black binding was the perfect choice..and the backing looks great with all the top colors.
    great looking quilt!

  7. I’m glad the basting and the quilting went well. Your quilt looks wonderful!! I love the binding.

  8. It looks great!! A very fresh and cozy quilt. Your simple quilting really enhances the design.

  9. It is wonderful with so many pieces and cute colors! It sure will be a visual treat to whoever cuddles in this lovely quilt.

  10. Ann, as you know, this is one of my favorite quilts you’ve made! The sheet worked perfectly for your backing. I love it when I can do a diagonal grid quilting, I don’t mind simple quilting, in fact prefer it for some of my quilts. Nice when you don’t have any thread ends to bury! Well done on this beautiful quilt :)

  11. thinking of you and hoping all is well….
    just busy with the holidays perhaps???


  12. Ann, all of this sounds like a nightmare to me. Are you familiar with Dr. Joel Fuhrman and his two books, “Eat to Live” and “Super Immunity”? I highly recommend them to you. He also has a blog called “Disease Proof”. Maybe his high nutrient diet/lifestyle would be helpful to you. (I have no affiliation with him, I’m just trying to eat healthy) I sincerely hope you find some help soon!

  13. Hi Ann, As I understand it Coeliac disease is quite common but often goes undiagnosed until adulthood. Did you know you can get a gluten free version of soy? My coeliac friends avoid soy like the devil. Good luck, it can be managed through the diet.

  14. Ann, was really happy to hear from you , just not happy to hear the news. I hope you find a Dr. that will actually listen to you. Glad your hand is healing.. I hope you have a nice Christmas and the new year will be a healthy one for you…

  15. Ann, just wondering how you are doing.. one of the other gals on QLR was having the same problems as you with gluten… she then found out that soy was bothering her also… If you would like to get in contact with her I can give you her email .. I know she would be happy to help out on the diet… I hope you have found a Dr. that can help you…

  16. I am really sorry you have this diagnosis…I know you will get better, and Mayo will get you on track!!! Hugs, and I love your quilt…best wishes for getting all better soon!

  17. I wondered what happened with you. I am so sorry to learn that you are having such serious health issues. And I hope they can find something that will turn things around very soon. I miss you in Blogland.

  18. It was SO good to finally find a post on your blog this morning, even though it was not very good news. Since I was aware of your struggle with celiac I feared you were still not well. Keep up the good fight. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Ann, I am so sorry to hear of your complications that can’t seemingly get resolved. I pray the doctors can find out all that is going on with your body. Thank you for sharing again and pray you will be well soon. We miss your pics and posts – always a delight to read and see the quilts from your cupboard!

  20. Hi Ann…I check on your blog often for updates and have wondered and worried about how you are. Thank you for making time to update…you were one of the first kind souls to ‘talk to me’ on our blogs, and I so loved your weekly shared quilts.
    You have been and will be, in my thoughts and prayers. I hope the specialists can help you.
    with loving thoughts, Ann…

    from lizzy at gone to the beach

  21. Ann, just wondering how you are doing and what the results were from Rochester…. let us know how you are doing when you can… Hugs

  22. Checking in……Want you to know you are not forgotten. Still praying for you.

  23. Nyla Dominguez

    Hello Ann, haven’t heard from you in a while. Just checking to see if you’re ok. I hope you are doing better, regaining your strength and feeling better too! We miss you!

  24. Ann, just thinking of you as I have your blog in my top 12 to check. Still thinking of you and praying for you and miss your comments. Hope you are doing ok and the doctors have found something that will help you!!

  25. Hi Ann, just checking in with you. How are things going? I am hoping you have made some headway with your health problems and have sourced out some good drs to journey you to better health. Been thinking about you lately, so just wanted to say hi!