The Learning Process

I’m a self taught quilter.  Many years ago, as a young newly wed who was trying to decorate on a budget, I kept seeing quilts in magazines and loved how homey and comfortable they made a room look.   I wanted one..or maybe two?  When I finally ran across a couple for sale I was floored at the prices.  I realized if I was going to have a quilt I’d have to make it myself.

I didn’t know anyone that quilted, there were no quilt shops, but there was a library!  It had a couple of books, which I brought home and started reading.  This was waaay before the internet.  It was over 30 years ago!  The knowledge I got from those books and the pics in the magazines was sketchy.  There were a lot of blanks.  I saw what I now know as

Roseville Album

There hasn’t been a lot of sewing going on here lately, but I did manage to get the various sections of the Roseville Album quilt sewn together.

I rearranged the corner blocks from the way the original pattern was done.

I still need to make the four borders.

I need motivation to get moving on this!

I left off some of the circles from the bottom right corner.

I changed the bottom left corner block a bit too.  In Kim’s original quilt this is the upper right corner.

I thought getting everything trimmed and sewn together would give me a little enthusiasm?  It seems my “get up and go” has “got up and left”? 

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Pieced quilts

I decided to make a play time quilt to go along with the more formal 9 patch one I just made.

The Mother -to- be asked for story books that were signed by the gifter in lieu of cards.  I like that idea, since I’m such a fan of reading to children and love to encourage it.

I remember reading to this Niece when she was little.  It seems like such a short time ago.  Now she’s grown and having a child of her own.  My how time flies!

Anyways…I thought it would be fun to give a story book that incorporated quilting.  I saw one called The Quilt on

In the story, the little girl’s blue toy dog gets lost in the folds of the quilt.  That spurred an idea for a play quilt.  I thought it would be fun to make a little quilt with a blue “Sally”...

Garage sale goodies

This past weekend we went to the big town wide garage sales/flea market in Stoney Ridge. We go every year and I got some goodies again!
The first item is a square griddle. I’ve been looking for one. The non stick finish on ours was getting bad, even though we never use metal utensils and always hand wash it. They’re so handy to have for making several grilled cheese sandwiches at a time, for French toast, for bacon, well,…you get the idea. I don’t want to have a kitchen without one!
This is a Pampered Chef brand. I had heard of the brand and knew it was good stuff…but had no idea what it should cost? The griddle was in gently used condition..and came from an estate sale. We have a “rule of thumb” with our garage sale goodies. We don’t like to pay any more than 10% of what the item costs new. It is after all..used. I...

Japanese x and

I was able to get the Japanese x and + top quilted!
I basted it on the dining room table by using large binder clamps.  I quilted it by following along the X shaped pieces, quilting in the ditch.  I thought I’d see how it looked once I got that much done and see if it looked like it needed more?
Since the blocks are around 7.5″, just quilting across the quilt in a grid seemed to be enough?
I chose a black and white print for the binding.
You can see a bit of the backing peeking out too.  I used an aqua/white print sheet.  The aqua doesn’t match exact..but it’s a scrappy fun quilt and I think it’s just fine?
I’m happy with how my quilt turned out, even if it’s got just real simple quilting. 
Here’s an “action shot”

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How To Fix Sewing Machines

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