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Today I’m pulling a quilt in progress from the quilt top cupboard.

The pattern is an Amish style Square in a Square.  It’s been pin basted and partially marked.  The quilting has been started…but not by me.  This is just how the quilt was when I bought it in August of this year.

I bought this quilt from the same lady I bought the Eagle quilt from.

Here’s the sad part…I’m going to have to take the pins out, and remove the quilting, and redo it.

The marking wasn’t done very well, and a true Amish quilt normally has very precise markings and the quilting is the “star of the show”.

When you look at the quilting that’s been done, you can see that it’s not evenly spaced and the lines aren’t straight.  I wonder if that’s why the quilter stopped working on this quilt?

This quilt will finish at 40″ square.

The other quilt I got from the same lady is also an Amish style wall hanging.

I don’t mind redoing the quilting…the quilting is the fun part!

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