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Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Today the quilt top I’m pulling from the quilt top cupboard is an antique Sunbonnet Sue.
The quilt top dates to 1930-1940′s. It’s hand appliqued with a running stitch in black embroidery floss. I posted another top done in this method last month. These two projects were done by the same quilter and came from an estate sale.
4560887175_e0f5d652af-8357981 The top has some discoloration which was probably caused by the top being folded and placed in a cedar chest, or stored on a bare wood shelf. A lot of people think it’s OK to store linens in cedar chests for safe keeping, but the wood has acid in it and can cause stains to fabrics. Linens should never touch bare wood.

This discoloration may come out with a soak in Oxyclean? I would never throw an unquilted top in a washing machine, but a soak in the sink would be OK. I wouldn’t want to attempt quilting before knowing if this discoloration will come out.

The applique with a running stitch was common in the 1930′s-1940′s. The edges were turned under and the floss was sewn through the layers and into the backing fabric. The quilter that made these blocks decorated each hat with different embroidery stitches.

NOTE: Beth of Love, Laugh, Quilt adds…One way to remove those brown spots is to put lemon juice mixed with water on the quilt and then lay the linen/quilt on green grass in the sun. I’ve also heard that biz will work too.

Thank you Beth! I’ve added your tips to the post so nobody misses your useful info.

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Yes! Absolutely yes!
Lori of Humble Quilts is posting another quilt along on her blog. I had so much fun with the Cheddar and Crackers doll quilt she did a while back that I made two versions, so I’ve been anxiously waiting for this one.

This doll quilt will get it’s color scheme from an antique quilt. Lori has posted fabric selections and hints to choose fabrics with a similar feel to the original.
Lori is using scraps but I’m just lopping off pieces from yardage I have. I bought these fabrics with nothing in particular in mind and haven’t used them didn’t have scraps. Either way is fine.

If you’ve never done a quilt along before you might like to give this a try? Lori gives wonderful instructions with pics. You wouldn’t have to use the antique color scheme she has posted, if that’s not your could do holiday colors or themes, or something that suits you and end up with a cute little quilt for decorating.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Today the quilt top I’m pulling from the quilt top cupboard is a Wheel of Chance. It’s also known as True Lovers’ Buggy Wheel. The design is made from 4 Grandmother’s fan blocks set in a circle arrangement, so it would also be correct to call this a Grandmother’s Fan Variation as well.


This top is machine sewn and dates to the 1930′s-40′s. The fabrics are a nice quality, almost a percale?
The blocks are around 10″ and four blocks are used to create the circle.

A Grandmother’s Fan block is often times made up of a variety of fabrics, each different in the fan. These blocks are unusual in that they have one solid and one print fabric used to create the fan shape.


This is another old top that looks to me like it could be modern?

This top looks to me like it needs something? A border, or sashing..something? What do you think?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I’ve just sewn a few of my jelly roll strips together to get a start on the quilt along. I cut and laid out a few of the setting options to get a feel for how they’d look.
One thing that’s clear right off the bat is..I need the additional fabrics so I have more of a variety. I decided to pull a few fabrics from my stash to add to the mix too.
I know it’s a bit early to make any decisions, especially with only a few of my fabrics represented.
I can already see that some of the layouts show off the fabrics more than others?
So far, I think I like all of the blocks set in the same way, rather than a mix of blocks?
It’s a little early to make a decision…especially when there will be more info coming.

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Julie at Jaybird Quilts is hosting a quilt along. I bought a couple of jelly rolls and a layer cake of a fabric line I fell in love with last year and this project will be perfect for it.

Julie will be giving several options for setting the pieced hexagons and her list of materials needed includes a solid that will go with the fabrics. For my solid I’m going to use one of the three fabrics on the right. They aren’t from the line, but look nice with it?

Originally, I had planned on piecing a quilt similar to the Merry-Go-Round quilt I pieced last Summer…or maybe like the antique Hexagon Web I posted about a while back.

I’m not sure which setting I’ll use for this quilt along..but there are some fun options!