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I know I’m supposed to be pulling items from the quilt top cupboard, but this is another one that wasn’t in the cupboard. It was in the box it came in.

It’s a wool fan “quilt in progress”.  There are 33 blocks done, with embroidery embellishments like would have been applied on a crazy quilt.

I laid the blocks out on the bed so you could see them.  I see I got a couple turned the wrong way (doh!) but you can get the general idea of how it should look?

There are 33 blocks that are finished and a lot of the wool fabrics to make more blocks.

The wool has been recycled from clothing and other sewing projects.

I’m pretty sure I can get at least 9 more blocks made with the  dark grey suiting background that was included, and if I want more it wouldn’t be hard to find a similar fabric?

Some of the pieces for additional blocks have already been cut.  A pic of what the finished quilt should look like along with the instructions for the stitches and templates was included in the lot.

This pattern appears to have been copied from a magazine, but I couldn’t find the name anywhere on the pages?

The embroidery adds a nice touch to the blocks IMO?

I purchased this lot from a very nice lady who lives in Forest Dale Massachusets.  She said the quilt was started by her Mother in Law in 1982.

She asked me to send her a pic of the quilt when I get it finished, but other projects seem to have jumped in line ahead of this one?  I still intend to finish it one day!

I try to keep this blog as quilt related as I can, but I just had to share a pic of the Thanksgiving Cactus that’s blooming it’s heart out for me in the sun room right now.  Each time it catches my makes me smile, and it’s flowering right on time.

I know it looks like a bit of a jungle in there. I have plants all around the perimeter of the room, which left the center wide open. Not wanting to waste space, or turn down the addition of ”just one more plant” I placed several groupings of tall candle holder stands to hold hanging plants. I’m left with just a few paths to get through the room.  It might be a bit much for some…but I find puttering around in there very relaxing, loaded with all of that greenery.

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