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Today’s quilt top from the cupboard is a String Star. It’s a fairly recent quilt top, dating to the last 10 years or so. It’s construction is not the norm for a string quilt.

Usually a string quilt is made by sewing strips to a foundation, either paper or fabric. This quilt top was made by sewing long strips of fabrics together, pressing, then the pieced star units were cut from this newly made strippy fabric. The stars are set together with an aqua solid.


It’s machine sewn.

I’m not sure why the maker did her String Star this way, but it looks like it would go together real fast?

The construction of the string star units surprised me, but there’s no question about how the blocks were made because there is a 7-8 foot panel of the pieced strips that came with the top.

4012847800_6061115cd6-5648506 If I decide I want to..I can make more blocks from what is left.

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