Garage sale goodies

This past weekend we went to the big town wide garage sales/flea market in Stoney Ridge. We go every year and I got some goodies again!

garage-sale-goodies-7-27006-300x225-9783044The first item is a square griddle. I’ve been looking for one. The non stick finish on ours was getting bad, even though we never use metal utensils and always hand wash it. They’re so handy to have for making several grilled cheese sandwiches at a time, for French toast, for bacon, well,…you get the idea. I don’t want to have a kitchen without one!

garage-sale-goodies-7-27004-300x225-8952942This is a Pampered Chef brand. I had heard of the brand and knew it was good stuff…but had no idea what it should cost? The griddle was in gently used condition..and came from an estate sale. We have a “rule of thumb” with our garage sale goodies. We don’t like to pay any more than 10% of what the item costs new. It is after all..used. I paid $2 for it and felt confident that I had followed our “rule”. I looked the price of a new one up when we got home. I couldn’t believe the price! In this household..if I’m paying that price..there better be a set of matching pans with it! LOL

garage-sale-goodies-7-27003-300x225-8726843I got this lace table cloth for $1. It has a couple of spots, but it had been packed away for a while. Sometimes linens have spots mysteriously appear over time. I’m going to soak this beauty in Oxy Clean and see if I can get those out? If not..I can live with them..because it’s just so pretty! I love the lace. It seems I have a real fondness for pretty linens of all kinds? Maybe a strategically placed center piece will do wonders too..if the spots don’t come out? It will fit my Dining room table just right.

garage-sale-goodies-7-27007-300x225-8168261I got these two aprons from an older lady who said her Mother made them. She thought maybe in the 1940′s? I’d say that sounds about looking at the fabric? I paid 50¢ each for them. They’re crisp and beautiful..and don’t appear to have been used? I especially like the one on the left. It matches with a lot of my vintage kitchen items..and has ric-rac. As I happily paid for them the lady said..”I don’t think anybody uses aprons anymore. ” I told her they’re making a come back!

cabbage-pottery002-300x225-7065150I got this fun set a couple of weeks ago but thought I’d post them because someone asked me about them today. The pieces are fun? There’s a tureen with a matching ladle, a plate to put under, or use for serving and a pitcher. I paid $3 for the set. Only the pitcher has a maker’s mark. The other pieces just have a paper label that says.. Made in Portugal. I can’t really tell what the marked piece says though.

cabbage-pottery003-300x225-8701657It looks like it says CUBAL..then under it PORTUGAL..then under that..P 232. I’m not sure about the CUBAL? I don’t think it’s vintage or’s just pretty!

garage-sale-goodies-7-27010-300x225-2426545I found this pretty sun dress for $1. The label says Paris Sport Club. I’m not familiar with the brand? I immediately fell in love with it. The fabric is SO pretty! I wear a lot of turquoise jewelry and this looks great with it. The skirt is super full. I had it draped over my arm as I was walking along and shopping other neighborhood sales. A lady came up to me and asked where I got it. I pointed to the sale next door..and she asked me what size it was. I told her it was a 9. She said it was gorgeous and asked if I wanted to sell it. I said “no..I’m sorry, but I really like it and it will go with a lot of my jewelry”. Now she was walking right along with us. She wanted to know if I had tried it on. I told her I hadn’t. She insisted I find somewhere to try it on because if it didn’t fit she’d buy it from me. I was trying to be polite..but she was starting to get on my nerves! My husband leaned over and whispered in my ear..”don’t you dare give your pretty dress to that woman. I know how you are!” a rule..If I have something that somebody really wants..I let them have it. I’ve done it for’s just the way I am. There have been times I have regretted it later, but usually I’m happy to make someone else happy. I don’t spend much for I guess I can afford to be generous? BUT..I loved this dress! I thought if it didn’t fit..I could make it into a nice full skirt very easily. I kept the dress.

garage-sale-goodies-7-27008-300x225-5737243I got this baby quilt for 25¢. It’s a simple design..and it’s just tied. I don’t have a baby and I don’t have grandkids..but I thought it would be just perfect for practicing machine quilting? The ties will be like basting? My machine is getting it will be a bit before I can try it. ..but I thought I should post this..just in case you should come across something like this. If the price is right..and this sure’s a great way to practice free motion..or whatever?