Japanese x and

japanese-x-finished-002-e1318357779249-269x300-9791502I was able to get the Japanese x and + top quilted!

I basted it on the dining room table by using large binder clamps.  I quilted it by following along the X shaped pieces, quilting in the ditch.  I thought I’d see how it looked once I got that much done and see if it looked like it needed more?

Since the blocks are around 7.5″, just quilting across the quilt in a grid seemed to be enough?

I chose a black and white print for the binding.

japanese-x-finished-007-300x225-8824738You can see a bit of the backing peeking out too.  I used an aqua/white print sheet.  The aqua doesn’t match exact..but it’s a scrappy fun quilt and I think it’s just fine?

I’m happy with how my quilt turned out, even if it’s got just real simple quilting. 

Here’s an “action shot”


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