Kim McLean’s Roseville Album pattern « Ann Champion’s Blog


I’ve gotten the bottom right corner of the Roseville Album finished.  

I made a few changes…the pattern shows lots of dots.  I edited it down quite a bit.  The other block I’m using as a bottom corner doesn’t have any dots, so I’m taking away some here..and will be adding a few there.

I know this pattern is whimsical and free spirited, but I need a bit more balance.  It’s just my personality!

Since I did the other corner blocks in  more realistic colors for the leaves, I did this one the same way.  I hope I haven’t “painted myself into a corner” with the color change?  We’ll see when I get to the appliqued border?

roseville-album-top-right-008-300x225-7242155This is how the Roseville looked the last time I showed you pics.  It’s now too big to get a full pic of.  Maybe by the time I get the last corner block done it will be nice weather and I can clip the top to the eaves of the garage, which is where I take all of my outside photos?

I used the blue-greens for the large leaves.  They’re fabrics that I’ve used in other blocks and I wanted to repeat them.  I’m questioning the bottom right leaf, but for now it stays.  I repeated the colors of the birds that appear in the top, bottom, and side panels.  Then added in a few dots.

roseville-right-side-panel-002-300x225-1170197The block will sit under this panel.

My bottom panel doesn’t have much green.  I thought the corner block might balance it out?