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Today I’m pulling another Double Wedding Ring from the quilt top cupboard.

I’m the one that pieced it.  I didn’t have a destination in mind for it when I made it, I just wanted to try the pattern, so it hasn’t been quilted. 

As you can see by the colors, I made it in the 1990′s when there were a lot of Amish inspired quilts being made.

amish-double-wedding-ring-ufo-300x201-2243764I’d like to quilt this one. but now I’m thinking it would be a good idea to add another row to the width?  It was made for a full sized bed, and I’m finding that a lot people have Queen sized beds..or larger!  I have a large baggie with extra pieces.  I cut too many, which I do sometimes.  It gives me more options for choosing the pices as I sew them together…BUT  I’m not sure I have more of that same black?  I could applique the edges to a solid of some color and have straight edged borders? I’m back in the cupboard it age a bit.  😉

This is the only photo I have of the top and it looks a bit washed out?  In real life it’s much richer.


Here’s a version of a Double Wedding Ring I made for a girl my older son was dating several years ago.  She was a sweet girl and came over to walk my dog every day when I had surgery and wasn’t able to do it.

She had some “family issues” and felt a bit lost sometimes.  We had a lot of talks.

She had a love for all things Celtic and I thought if I pieced the arcs with a solid black the pattern might have a Celtic knot feel?

I quilted a message into the corner of the quilt, then whipped embroidery floss around the stitches so the words showed up better.  I don’t know if that method  has a name..but it worked well.  I also quilted in a spider web in the corner of one of the larger areas.  The others have a Celtic knot/floral design.   In Victorian times spider webs were added to crazy quilts quite often.  They were thought to be like a dream catcher and were good luck symbols.

double-wedding-ring-celtic-knots1-e1312464194480-300x213-2589715The  message says:

If you’re feeling lonely, or if you’re feeling sad, just wrap yourself inside your quilt, and things won’t be as bad.  No matter where you go in life, no matter what you feel, this quilt will be here for you, it’s something that is real.

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