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For the past couple of months I’ve set aside the Roseville Album applique so I could work on a surprise gift for my Daughter in Law.
She’s very fond of Egyptian art and has been since she was a child.  She remembers reading mythology, her first introduction at a very young age, and in the third grade did a project where she interpreted hyroglyphs.
I recall being interested in Egyptian antiquities myself at a young age, because our Art Museum here had an Egyptian display, including two Mummies…pretty exotic stuff!
From the time we first met I knew that some day I’d like to make her an Egyptian themed quilt to let her know what a valued addition to the family she was…I just didn’t know where to start or what the design would be.  My search for “Egyptain quilt” turned up no commercial patterns available.
I found a little...

Kim McLean’s Princess feather « Ann Champion’s Blog

At long last…the Princess Feather quilt is done! I started basting it for quilting on March 1..here we are 10 weeks later and it’s complete.

This quilt took quite a bit of time. The applique took 474 hours, the marking and basting 14 hours, the hand quilting 496 hours, and the binding 10.5 hours. A grand total of 994.5 hours.  It measures 93″ x 93″.
The quilting was done with quartered feathered wreaths at each corner of the large blocks and diagonal lines .75″ across the rest of the design. In the center where the 4 blocks meet the wreath is complete, and I stitched around all of the appliqued bits. I couldn’t get the quilting to show up in the pics very well, so I took a pics of the back side in hopes it would show better.

I used a white cotton sateen weave sheet for the back and it quilted like butter. It feels so...

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I started a last minute project for Christmas.
A couple of times recently my husband mentioned that I had never made him a quilt. I guess I hadn’t thought to? I don’t recall ever seeing him reach for and use the throws that are in the family room…but they are certainly there for his use.
He’s very supportive of my quilting and if it makes him feel slighted that he doesn’t have a quilt of his own I need to set that right!
He enjoys fly fishing so I thought I’d look online to see what patterns were available out there. Well, he doesn’t like aquas and greens. I’ve made two quilts with those colors and he doesn’t like either one. Those colors seemed the most logical for a fishing themed quilt? AND I didn’t see any patterns that I loved.
I could just get some fishing themed fabric and do a pieced quilt…but that just didn’t...

Stash « Ann Champion’s Blog

Some might say I have too much fabric? I say..I have too small of a room!
When we moved to this house I was so happy to finally have a dedicated sewing room! It’s a smallish bedroom..but I wouldn’t have to do my sewing at the Dining room table.
Over time..I’ve added to my stash…and added..and now..I’m back sewing at the dining room table! LOL
In my defense..I’ve acquired a lot of my fabrics from estate sales, yard sales, and those 50% off clearance fabrics Joann’s sales. There’s very little in this room that wasn’t bought on sale…mostly very deeply discounted sales…so how could I NOT buy them?
As you approach the room there is a bookcase directly in front of you. Why? Because I ran out of wall space to put cases against. Just behind that bookcase is my work table. Or at least it USED to be my work table!
Are you...

Trapunto « Ann Champion’s Blog

I’m a self taught quilter.  Many years ago, as a young newly wed who was trying to decorate on a budget, I kept seeing quilts in magazines and loved how homey and comfortable they made a room look.   I wanted one..or maybe two?  When I finally ran across a couple for sale I was floored at the prices.  I realized if I was going to have a quilt I’d have to make it myself.
I didn’t know anyone that quilted, there were no quilt shops, but there was a library!  It had a couple of books, which I brought home and started reading.  This was waaay before the internet.  It was over 30 years ago!  The knowledge I got from those books and the pics in the magazines was sketchy.  There were a lot of blanks.  I saw what I now know as Trapunto.  I loved the look and wanted to try it.  This wasn’t my first quilt, but it was early in my...

Kim McLean’s Roseville Album pattern « Ann Champion’s Blog

I’ve gotten the bottom right corner of the Roseville Album finished.  
I made a few changes…the pattern shows lots of dots.  I edited it down quite a bit.  The other block I’m using as a bottom corner doesn’t have any dots, so I’m taking away some here..and will be adding a few there.
I know this pattern is whimsical and free spirited, but I need a bit more balance.  It’s just my personality!
Since I did the other corner blocks in  more realistic colors for the leaves, I did this one the same way.  I hope I haven’t “painted myself into a corner” with the color change?  We’ll see when I get to the appliqued border?
This is how the Roseville looked the last time I showed you pics.  It’s now too big to get a full pic of.  Maybe by the time I get the last corner block done it will be nice weather and I can clip the top to...