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I’ve gotten the right side panel finished on the Roseville Album top.
I added a few extra dots/berries and made the cat a bit smaller. I used the template from the top panel for that.
I tried to mirror some of the birds from the left panel, so they looked like they went together.
I cant sew the side panels on until I get a couple of corner blocks done, so I’ve started on the upper left one.
With the panels not trimmed or sewn they take up more space and barely fit on my design wall, so it will be a while until I can take a good pic for you.
 I’m afraid this is the best I can do for now?
I sew in the dining room and have my design wall there.  It’s not a very big room. 
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Roseville Album Bottom right corner block « Ann Champion’s Blog

I’ve gotten the bottom right corner of the Roseville Album finished.  
I made a few changes…the pattern shows lots of dots.  I edited it down quite a bit.  The other block I’m using as a bottom corner doesn’t have any dots, so I’m taking away some here..and will be adding a few there.
I know this pattern is whimsical and free spirited, but I need a bit more balance.  It’s just my personality!
Since I did the other corner blocks in  more realistic colors for the leaves, I did this one the same way.  I hope I haven’t “painted myself into a corner” with the color change?  We’ll see when I get to the appliqued border?
This is how the Roseville looked the last time I showed you pics.  It’s now too big to get a full pic of.  Maybe by the time I get the last corner block done it will be nice weather and I can clip the top to...

Bear Watching « Ann Champion’s Blog

I started a last minute project for Christmas.
A couple of times recently my husband mentioned that I had never made him a quilt. I guess I hadn’t thought to? I don’t recall ever seeing him reach for and use the throws that are in the family room…but they are certainly there for his use.
He’s very supportive of my quilting and if it makes him feel slighted that he doesn’t have a quilt of his own I need to set that right!
He enjoys fly fishing so I thought I’d look online to see what patterns were available out there. Well, he doesn’t like aquas and greens. I’ve made two quilts with those colors and he doesn’t like either one. Those colors seemed the most logical for a fishing themed quilt? AND I didn’t see any patterns that I loved.
I could just get some fishing themed fabric and do a pieced quilt…but that just didn’t...

Ugly Quilt Contest « Ann Champion’s Blog

I’ve just entered an ugly quilt contest. It’s the “What Was I Thinking” ugly quilt contest that’s posted here.
We all have them..don’t we? Something that seemed like a good idea at the time..but didn’t quite come out the way we envisioned them? You know the ones…they’re hidden in a closet..or a box..kept from view. Before I post a pic…please…I can explain! I was on heavy opiates at the time I chose the fabrics and pieced this quilt having just had a major surgery. I started with a fabric I found at a garage sale. It had been made into a maternity dress by the woman having the sales’ Mother-in-law. It was a batik..and at that time (2000) I had never seen such fabric. It caught my eye..I thought it was wonderful..little animated frogs dancing across the fabric. In places the frogs were easy to see and in other places a...

Roseville Album- top right corner « Ann Champion’s Blog

I’ve gotten the top right corner block done on the Roseville Album quilt.  This block is positioned in the bottom left in the pattern, but since it had a circular look to it, I thought it would look more balanced in the top right position?
The fabrics I used seemed to emphasize the circular look.  To my eye the block looked like it needed something?  It didn’t  fill the square as much as the others did.
I added a couple of birds and several extra dots and I liked the more balanced look.
I’m a great fan of whimsical, free design, but my type A personality seems to always take over?  It wants order and balance.
I tried to get a pic of the block set in place for you, but in my small room I can’t step back far enough to get everything in the pic.
On to the next block! 
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Bias tape for applique stems « Ann Champion’s Blog

I’m happy to report that my back ground fabric has arrived for my Princess Feather applique project and I’ve started the applique! As I was making the bias tape for the stems and vines..I thought I’d post how I make it..just in case anyone doesn’t know how it’s done.
I decided to chuck the brown fabric that was sent with my kit aside and changed it for this green fabric called Floret. I liked the variety of greens in it and thought it would look nice with the greens in my other fabrics. To make the bias for stems and vines first you make a cut at 45*. Once you have the correct angle established you just go along and cut slices from it, lining up your ruler with the edge. I need 1/4″ bias pieces so I cut my strips at 1/2″. This gives you a seam allowance to turn under. Why do we cut it on the bias? Because the fabric...