Pieced quilts


I decided to make a play time quilt to go along with the more formal 9 patch one I just made.

The Mother -to- be asked for story books that were signed by the gifter in lieu of cards.  I like that idea, since I’m such a fan of reading to children and love to encourage it.

I remember reading to this Niece when she was little.  It seems like such a short time ago.  Now she’s grown and having a child of her own.  My how time flies!

Anyways…I thought it would be fun to give a story book that incorporated quilting.  I saw one called The Quilt on Amazon.com.

story-time-quilt-017-300x225-7864069In the story, the little girl’s blue toy dog gets lost in the folds of the quilt.  That spurred an idea for a play quilt.  I thought it would be fun to make a little quilt with a blue “Sally” dog hidden under a flap of fabric, like the one in the story.

I added pieced letters that say “Will You read to me?”, because the pieced letters are fun.

I don’t have a lot of novelty prints, but I have some, so I dug through them looking for things that might go along with stories.

I forced myself to go fabric shopping(LOL) too..to pick up a few additional pieces.  I found that 1/8yd  cuts can be tricky.

story-time-quilt-013-300x225-9330959Once you true them up, in a lot of cases you can’t center the image you want to use. I was making my squares cut at 4″.

If I had the book ahead of time, I could have chosen more prints that matched the ones in the story, but as luck would have it, I had a couple of circus squares, and one of houses that went along pretty well.

Since I was trying to encourage reading, I also made a little match game book.  Recognizing matching shapes and colors help a child learn to read.

story-time-quilt-001-300x225-7961266I got real lucky with the “Sally” dog image.  I had a fabric by Robert Kaufman that had a blue dog, with a red collar, except it has a sweater on.  It even has it’s tongue hanging out like the one in the book!

My sewing machine has a problem with the Sensor System, which is supposed to feed the fabric through perfectly, and make very even stitching.  It’s been to the factory twice and they couldn’t fix it, so free motion quilting was definately out of question.  I quilted across the squares, and in the ditch.  My stitches aren’t perfect, but the quilt will hold together.story-time-quilt-016-300x225-1713147

The back side is a Free Spirit print that had the same colors as the squares on the front.  Kind of wild?

I know this one doesn’t fit the criteria for the elegant nursery, but I thought maybe it could go to Grandma’s house?  : )