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My quilt is on the cover of Quiltmaker Magazine July/August 2009 issue.quiltmaker-magazine-july-august-2009002-300x225-1631029 I saw a quilt top from the 1930′s at auction. It was made from the happy fabrics from that time and I fell in love. It quickly went way out of my price range, so I decided to try drafting a block to see if I could make myself a quilt like that. I drafted the pattern and stitched up a block, using 1930′s repro fabrics..and found it was easy to piece. I was able to piece the gentle curves with just a few pins. I figured if the block was that must have a name? My friend Barb has a computer program with a catalog of blocks and she found the name. It’s a Flowering Snowball block. The design I drafted had bigger center squares and I liked it better. The block is pieced with light and dark values to show the design. I used the back sides of a lot of the fabrics for my lights. Hey..I paid for both sides…I might as well use them! LOL


I liked the finished quilt so much I thought I’d see if Quiltmaker would be interested in using the I submitted it. They contacted me immediately and said they were very interested in using it.

The magazine changed the name of the design to something a little more catchy..”Thirty Something”.


The magazine did a real nice job on the photography, but unfortunately..they made a typo in the cutting directions. The center squares should be cut at 2 1/8″  NOT the 2 5/8″ they listed. I sincerely hope this error on their part hasn’t caused anyone problems? I personally, hate to waste I hope that isn’t happening to any of you who try this fun design!