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Today I’m pulling a a top from the quilt top cupboard with a Roof Top design.

It’s made up of long strips of fabrics and  cheater panels of squares.  Very simple construction, with not many pieces. 

The top is recent dating to 2006.  I bought it from a lady that made it and sold it on ebay. 

bright-roof-top002-300x225-8504384Please forgive my sloppy wordpress program isn’t letting me crop. 

I thought some machine quilting would make this a nice durable picnic/utility quilt? It measures 82″ x 89″.

The Roof Top pattern isn’t usd a lot, but makes a nice utility style quilt.

The Gee’s Bend quilters used the pattern.

bright-roof-top003-300x225-2560595Here you can see how the printed squares of the “cheater” fabric give a bit of extra interest to the piecing.  This might be a fun design to use with the large scale modern prints that are available now?  The ones that are so pretty you just hate to cut into them!

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