Roseville Album right side panel « Ann Champion’s Blog

roseville-right-side-panel-003-150x300-6286635I’ve gotten the right side panel finished on the Roseville Album top.

I added a few extra dots/berries and made the cat a bit smaller. I used the template from the top panel for that.

I tried to mirror some of the birds from the left panel, so they looked like they went together.

I cant sew the side panels on until I get a couple of corner blocks done, so I’ve started on the upper left one.

With the panels not trimmed or sewn they take up more space and barely fit on my design wall, so it will be a while until I can take a good pic for you.

roseville-album-right-side-panel-added-002-300x225-7565997 I’m afraid this is the best I can do for now?

I sew in the dining room and have my design wall there.  It’s not a very big room. 

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