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Some might say I have too much fabric? I say..I have too small of a room!

When we moved to this house I was so happy to finally have a dedicated sewing room! It’s a smallish bedroom..but I wouldn’t have to do my sewing at the Dining room table.

Over time..I’ve added to my stash…and added..and now..I’m back sewing at the dining room table! LOL

In my defense..I’ve acquired a lot of my fabrics from estate sales, yard sales, and those 50% off clearance fabrics Joann’s sales. There’s very little in this room that wasn’t bought on sale…mostly very deeply discounted sales…so how could I NOT buy them?

sable002-300x225-9647433As you approach the room there is a bookcase directly in front of you. Why? Because I ran out of wall space to put cases against. Just behind that bookcase is my work table. Or at least it USED to be my work table!

sable0011-300x225-8949340 Are you ready for the tour? As you enter the door..there’s a bookcase so you have to turn to the right to navigate through the room. This area holds large yardage, bolts, and shelves of vintage fabrics, sorted by era. I use these to repair old tops or quilts when needed. It’s in a terrible state of disarray right now. I need to sort and restack..a Winter project?

sable005-300x225-5507505Butted up against the back of the bookcase containing vintage fabrics, is my bookcase of solids. I like to keep a good supply on hand and every once in while when they go on sale I go buy half yard-one yard cuts of any colors I like. As you can see..there’s a heap of fabrics in front that I’ve gathered for a project. There’s just no place to put anything! You can see my stereo system too, to the left. I love to crank up the volume and get lost in my own world.

sable006-300x225-6481446To the left of the stereo are my bins of 30′s repro, Civil War repro, and black and cream fabrics. There are fabrics stacked that need to be put away. I just got them and it’s a bit of a chore to get into those bins..they’re heavy! Another Winter project? To the left you can see some of the batting I have waiting to be pressed into service. As you turn to the next’s just closets. They have additional batting, craft supplies, boxes with embroidery transfers, buttons, various notions, etc.

sable007-300x225-1665504As you turn to the next’ll see the bookcases I store a lot of my fabrics in. This is where I stored my fabrics when we first moved to this house 15 years ago…and everything fit! I keep the red cloth, which I got dirt cheap at a garage sale, covering the fabrics so they don’t fade. These book cases are opposite a window with a southern exposure.

sable003-300x225-9800513This is a pic with the red cloth lifted. I mostly have these fabrics sorted by color, except the bookcase on the right has baby/children fabrics. These are my all purpose fabrics. There are bolts of fabrics on top of the cases.

sable004-300x225-3759160This is my work table..or at least it WAS my work table! I know it’s still under there..somewhere? This sits almost in the center of the room. There’s an aisle in front of the bookshelves so I can get to them. I have magazines with projects I’d like to do bookmarked, and another stack of fabrics I’ve been gathering for a future project. Just behind that stack is a small divided shelf unit for fat quarters. There’s a basket to catch little items..a roll of ribbon, pins, pencils, and paper, etc. Below the table I have additional reds, rusts, and oranges that wouldn’t fit on my shelves. There’s a bin of novelty fabrics too.

pegboard001-300x225-2440960As we turn to leave the room you can see the pegboard I have with quilting stencils, masking tape, and various notions. Below that are shelves I store my quilting magazines on. The top of the shelves need a good sorting and organizing too? I’ve just been plunking stuff down and really need to get things a bit more orderly and tidy!

So there you have it. My resource center. If only I could knock out the wall between this room and the one that houses my quilt top cupboard, and quilting book collection….

In the basement I have tables set up for basting, and a large bin of brights. My wool collection is housed there too, in bins. I hate working in the basement! It has fluorescent lights which I REALLY dislike…and basements have always been a little scary/depressing to me? Ours is finished and carpeted..but I still don’t like it..or Id move my things down there?

I intend to go through my sewing room and try to reorganize this Winter..if I get lost..please send out a search team?