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I’ve just entered an ugly quilt contest. It’s the “What Was I Thinking” ugly quilt contest that’s posted here.

We all have them..don’t we? Something that seemed like a good idea at the time..but didn’t quite come out the way we envisioned them? You know the ones…they’re hidden in a closet..or a box..kept from view. Before I post a pic…please…I can explain! I was on heavy opiates at the time I chose the fabrics and pieced this quilt having just had a major surgery. I started with a fabric I found at a garage sale. It had been made into a maternity dress by the woman having the sales’ Mother-in-law. It was a batik..and at that time (2000) I had never seen such fabric. It caught my eye..I thought it was wonderful..little animated frogs dancing across the fabric. In places the frogs were easy to see and in other places a little more abstract? The colors seemed to dance in and out too? A bit more intense in one place..while a little muddy in another. ..I paid $2 for that dress and the woman I bought it from said she was happy to bid rid of the hideous thing, while I was thrilled to have this fabulous fabric..this batik. I came home and carefully took it apart, then pulled fabrics from my stash that matched the wide range of plums and greens in that piece of magical fabric…and carefully cut and pieced my blocks. As I worked on my project I was taking the pain meds I was given. I probably shouldn’t have been trying to sew..but I was keeping my mind busy I thought, and surely that had to be good for me?

3691485962_c137aaaf1c-2384083As I look at this quilt now..I just shake my head and say..”what was I thinking?” That magical, beautiful now a muddled, bizarre mess! Those beautiful, magical! A mirky muddy mess. I now see this fabric as the woman I bought it from did. LOL These pics were taken outside where the light was bright so the colors look a little more perky. In normal household lighting…this quilt is pretty drab.


This is your brain on drugs…

All I can say is…”don’t try this at home kids!” LOL

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